Step 1)

Choose a Domain Name Example:

Step 2)

Click “Next” to Sign Up for Web Hosting

Web Hosting stores your custom website’s data on a secure server and makes WordPress installation a breeze.

The Sky's The Limit

Why Should You Choose Register4less?

  1. They have one of the best customer service EVER!!
  2. “WordPress Auto-Install” feature. Install the WordPress platform at the click of a button!
  3. Competitive pricing, starting at just $1.25/month (NOTE: This price is EXCLUSIVE to TRAMSTRAFFIC visitors only)

Step 3) Login to your Register4less account then click “Manage” and then “Paid Hosting” and then “Manage Advanced Hosting (cPanel) at the top left of the navigation bar.

Step 4) Scroll down to the “Softaculous Apps Installer” category and click “Install WordPress”.

Step 5) Continue by clicking the  “WordPress” button. Then click “Install”. 


Step 6) Now sit back and wait until the installation is complete. After install is finished, click the “View Credentials” button at the top right.


Step 7) This Credentials page will have your login information. Click the “Admin URL” to be taken to the WordPress login. Then copy and paste your Username (email) and Password to the Admin URL page to log into WordPress.


Welcome to WordPress! Now watch the video for the full WordPress walkthrough.

Next Step: Edit Your Website with DRAG and DROP using a Premium Theme!