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90's Websites are Dead

This is the 21st century and the world is becoming a global village. In light of this, there are so many devices that work and function with the internet as well as web browsers.

Therefore, a company’s website must tune into this. A company needs to ensure that formats, browsers, and screen sizes get along with their website.

With Tramstraffic, you will be able to make your website easy to navigate for your prospective customers.

Google ranking helps businesses a lot. Therefore, if you want your business to rank in Google, you need to know that your website accessibility, as well as your mobile page friendliness, will be used to score and rank you.

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If your website is not performing well as it is supposed to, then it could be that it is not mobile responsive.

You should know that Google now lays high emphasis on how mobile-friendly your website is. It is what is used to determine your ranking because of the recent drama as regards mobile web traffic.

A recent study has shown that about 95% of price searches come from mobile devices.

As a lot of people keep operating search engines from their mobile devices, tech companies have moved their policies to mobile devices.

For instance, if your website has a Flash player on the personal computer view, some mobile devices will not display it. In some other cases, it will show as dead space. Therefore, if you change that, everything will for into the screen size comfortably. This includes photos, menus and other content.

Why A Responsive Web Design Is Better Than A Mobile Design

Graphic design

When web browsing was not yet versatile, only very few web browsers were in existence. However, there are a lot of web browsers available on the internet today, with their specifications and uses.

Art direction

There are different web browsers for different OS versions as well as platforms.

Your site may just be compatible with traditional platforms that most visitors may not like. Before now, websites used simple designs and were light.

In the world today, sites are now heavy especially as technology keeps improving alongside web applications.

Research has shown that a lot of web users stop using websites that ate not mobile-friendly. In this case, business owners and website owners begin to wonder what went wrong with their traffic and search engine rankings.

Brand strategy

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are mostly used for website tracking.

This is done with a mobile browser as well as a responsive and great user interface. Now, for any website to be called responsive, it needs to be able to be accessed from any browser.

This is a great way to get customers from different platforms and also letting them have a great user experience which is the same as using a regular computer or even more than. Responsive web design entails websites that are very easy to use.

In essence, that gives an overall great user experience and also helps users search for anything conveniently and seamlessly. 

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Responsive Web Design- Best SEO Solution

This includes iPads, iPhones, iPods and every other type of smartphone.

In the world today, these kinds of communication tools are the new standard. In essence, one can agree that responsive web design has a lot of profit.

Also, if you want to speed up and keep up with the rate of communication, then you should invest in responsive web design.

We have well-seasoned experts who have all it takes to make a website responsive without interrupting with the website layout.

If clients should access your website through mobile gadgets, it should also appear the same way as when a desktop is used.

We have a lot of experience in giving you the best results in this field.

Responsive Design Is The New Trend Recommended By Google Tech

If you ever need to develop your website for business, then we are your best bet.

Asides from making your website a responsive one, we could also give it a responsive design.

You don’t need to break the bank to get a great web design or even change your existing website to a responsive one.

Our rates are highly competitive and you can do everything on a budget.


We have a lot of clients whom we’ve designed responsive websites for and you can be a part of the team too.

The numerous clients we’ve worked for have become good ambassadors of our company.

This is because we’ve always given top-notch services, second to none.

Reach out to us today by calling, texting or emailing our customer care team. You can do this at any time of the day as we are always available 24/7. Guess what? You could get free quotes too. You can do this by filling in the contact page.

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